Heads up, if you’re looking for the list of startups that have openings, go to our Startup Opportunities page instead.

TCO Labs can connect you to innovative startups in Baltimore and around the country who are looking for both student interns and full-time employees.

No experience? No worries. Startups are often just looking for intelligent students who are willing to work hard. Experience comes with the positions.

Connecting students to internships works in three main ways:

1. Startups contact TCO with specific openings.

Startups will send us specific internship/job openings that they are looking to fill. These opportunities are what you see posted below under “Current Openings.” These blurbs will typically have a link or email address for you to follow to inquire about the position or fill out an application.

2. Startups contact us looking for interns in general.

Startups will reach out to us when they are simply looking for student interns or employees. TCO then references our database of students seeking positions to see if there are any that match the characteristics the startup is looking for. If we find a match, we will connect the two parties.

3. Startups ‘shop’ for interns and employees.

Startups will sometimes reference our student database, looking for students that might be a good fit for their company in general, either as an intern or as a full time employee. If you match what they are looking for, the startup may reach out to you directly, or they may have us connect you.

To enter yourself into our student database, fill out this form: smarturl.it/TCOIntern

Please note: While we try our best to match students with positions, a connection with a startup is not guaranteed. To increase your chances of a match, be flexible with your preferences on the form and make sure to apply to the current openings listed below. Since we match students as positions come to us, an opportunity may pop up for you in the future, so don’t be disheartened if you don’t hear back right away.

Make sure to join our mailing list to get updates about new openings.

If you have any questions, please contact pava@tcolabs.org.

Also check out our our Startup Opportunities page.