Check out the ways TCO Labs is supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs.

TCO Labs is working hard to support student entrepreneurs, but we need your help.
As a nonprofit, TCO Labs relies on donations from alumni, community members, and other organizations to support our various programs. We take no administrative fees: all donations go directly towards the initiatives outlined below.

If you are interested in supporting one of our programs, make a donation or contact us to find out more.


Events are at the core of community building: they bring people together, introduce them to various perspectives, and allow for synergy to take things to the next level. All of our events are absolutely free and most are open to the public.

Hatch Innovation Conference

Hatch is our annual innovation conference, where we bring speakers, startups, and workshops to Homewood campus for a day-long celebration of entrepreneurship.

Hatch 2017, our inaugural conference, featured 6 speakers, 25 startups, 3 workshops, and attracted over 200 attendees.

As an annual conference, Hatch is our largest event and biggest expense. You can support Hatch 2018 through either donation or sponsorship.

The iCubed Series

The iCubed Series is a three-part event focused on helpings students solve problems they are passionate about. The first event, Investigate, lets students brainstorm problems plaguing our world today. Ideate, the second event, focuses on coming up with solutions to the most pressing problems. Finally, students form teams for startups, research, or academic classes to execute their solutions in the final stage of iCubed, Innovate.

Small Events

TCO hosts a variety of smaller events throughout the semester. We kickoff each year with the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Showcase, introducing students to the different ways they can get involved with entrepreneurship at Hopkins and in Baltimore. We bring in entrepreneurs to lead workshops, take students on tours of local coworking spaces, and host networking events with students, alumni, and Baltimore community members.

Community Engagement

Part of our mission is to keep Hopkins’ top talent and most promising companies within Baltimore. To accomplish this, we believe it is fundamental to get students involved with Baltimore’s innovation ecosystem as soon as possible.
Contact Us

We are searching for a namesake donor for the SES fund. If you are interested in helping student entrepreneurs help Baltimore City, please contact


Social Enterprise Support

Entrepreneurship is the best way to create novel solutions to the problems that are plaguing our cities, and students bring a fresh perspective to persistent issues. That’s why TCO wants to support the students who are willing to tackle these challenging issues. With the SES fund, we will give micro-funding to students with social enterprises focused on addressing issues within Baltimore city.

Student Support

Being a student is hard enough; being a student entrepreneur is even harder. Students who pursue ventures in their limited free time need as much support as possible, and TCO is here to provide it. Whether it be mentorship or micro-funding, TCO has the resources that student entrepreneurs need to take their ideas to the next level.

TCO Hacks

One of the biggest reasons some brilliant ideas never see the light of day is because students don’t know how to get started. TCO Hacks provides development education, resource support, and micro-funding to help students build out their ideas.

Student Resources

TCO Labs publishes a variety of resources, both online and in print, aimed at informing students about the entrepreneurial ecosystem at Hopkins and in Baltimore, showing them ways to get involved, and educating them on what it means to pursue entrepreneurship. We hope to eventually build out these materials into a comprehensive guide on student entrepreneurship.

FastForward U

This year, JHTV, TCO Labs, and JHU SGA worked together to open the first-ever undergraduate entrepreneurship space on the Homewood campus. Located on the first floor of the Wyman Park building, FFU provides coworking space, break-out rooms, and private desks for student entrepreneurs.

While we have the space, keeping it stocked is tough. We need help buying resources such as office supplies, appliances, and prototyping materials to help student entrepreneurs with their ventures.

See Something You Like?

If you are interested in learning more about any of our programs or want to get involved with TCO, please contact We are always looking for students, community members, and alumni to join us on our mission.

See Nothing You Like?

If you have an idea for a program, a new way to get involved, or feedback for us, we want to hear it. Feel free to contact — we promise to reply within 24 hours.