Meet The Hatchery Teams

Spring 2018 Cohort

Meet Our Current Cohort

Our Spring 2018 Cohort features 12 student ventures, from international nonprofits to life-saving medical devices


Online platform where college students can purchase meals made by their peers and make money by providing meals in bulk


Mobile application that helps content creators connect with each other in order to collaborate on creative projects


Platform that allows employers to post education material for prospective employees,  bridging the gap between “entry level” and “experience needed” positions

Kubanda Cryotherapy

Cryoablation device that uses carbon dioxide cryotherapy to treat breast cancer in low-income countries where access to traditional cryotherapy gases is limited


Service that uses motion sensors to monitor spaces on a campus to provide students and faculty information about facility availability and usage patterns


Web application that helps students with degree planning through customized recommendations and auditing services


Students for Taiwanese Educational Progress: a nonprofit that aims to minimize the educational gap in Taiwan by connecting student volunteers with those living in Taiwan’s disadvantaged communities


Improves hand-hygiene compliance rates in high-resource hospital settings by increasing the accessibility and usability of hand-hygiene dispensers.

Adapt Fitness Technologies

Mobile application that allows users to compete with each other in fitness competitions to encourage more consistent and engaged exercise habits

Mel Well

Weight loss coaching program for busy college females determined to finally feel confident in their own bodies.

Realist Review

National multimedia publication focused on foreign affairs, sourced by and tailored to a student audience


Nonprofit that integrates leadership education into K-12 curriculums by working with policy makers, educational institutions, and city nonprofit sectors

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