Executive Committee

Meet the founding team behind the non-profit
Executive Officer

Anthony Garay

A computer engineering major, and E&M minor, Anthony is team leader. He’s worked on a number of projects ranging from a non profit that works with kids on military bases and in children’s museums, to social media management for celebrities. He's also the Head of Programming for TEDxJHU, Training Chair for the Alumni Association's Reunion and Homecoming, and is an Alumni Student Ambassador.


Pava Marie LaPere

A computer science major and entrepreneurship & management minor, Pava likes to think of her schoolwork as extracurricular. Her favorite pastimes are working with various startups, brainstorming new products, and reading. She believes that college students are in the perfect position to build new things, and if you get her talking about entrepreneurship's role in revitalizing the city, she'll never stop.

Operating Officer

Brooke Stephanian

A biomedical engineering major, Brooke understands the power of innovation to create value for society. In her free time, she runs her own jewelry business, and has applied her creative and entrepreneurial skills to TCO and her Design Team. Her Design Team is currently working on a novel device to combat opioid abuse. She has a need to understand the 'why' behind everything she does.

Financial Officer

Mukul Ram

A computer engineering major who's compulsively obsessed with math, Mukul likes to get the minutiae right. He has broad ideas but likes to work with the nitty gritty of all of it. He’s currently working with TCO and on his own college application based web service. At UMD, Mukul is an intern at Baas Bikes and an editor at Bitcamp. He learns fast and likes to be involved with every facet of what’s going on.

Interested in joining the team?

Send us a quick email at team@tcolabs.org to find out about opportunities to join!